Hegarty & Gerken, Inc. was organized in January, 1993, as a Colorado Corporation.  The founding principles of the firm were formerly associated with William Woolford and Associates, a Colorado real estate appraising and consulting firm.  Today, Hegarty & Gerken, Inc. prepares appraisal reports and provide other supporting services to a wide variety of clients associated with the real estate industry in the Denver metropolitan area and throughout Colorado.

We offer a full range of appraisal services for various property types and situations. At Hegarty & Gerken, Inc. we provided clients with accurate and reliable commercial real estate appraisals. We strive to create strong, mutually beneficial partnerships with all of our clients.

For larger appraisal assignments Hegarty & Gerken, Inc. has established professional relationships with several independent contractors who have extensive experience in the appraisal of residential and commercial property.

In addition to the projects listed below Hegarty & Gerken, Inc. has completed dozens of appraisal assignments for various investors and governmental agencies on recreational, agricultural, open space, and development land located in mountain communities including Grand County, Summit County, Routt County, Eagle County, Garfield County, San Miguel County, and San Juan County.

  • Regional Transportation District’s FasTracks Project – Voters approved funding for the FasTracks project in November, 2004.  FasTracks is a multi-year, region-wide transportation plan that includes 122 miles of new light rail and commuter rail; 18 miles of Bus Rapid Transit (BRT); 57 new transit stations; and enhanced bus service.  The East Corridor Commuter Rail Project will extend commuter rail service from downtown Denver to Denver International Airport and the Gold Line will extend service from downtown to the vicinity of I-70 and Ward Road.  From 2008 through the first half of 2012 Hegarty & Gerken, Inc., on behalf of RTD, completed appraisal reports on 60 commercial, industrial, and residential parcels of land for the West, East, and Gold Line corridor projects.


  • Routt County Road 14 Improvement Project – In 2009, Routt County initiated a project to improve Routt County Road 14 near Steamboat Springs, Colorado, using Federal “stimulus” funding.  In October, 2009, Hegarty & Gerken was engaged by Routt County to complete a Basic Data Report for Routt County to assist it in the acquisition of numerous properties for improvements to Routt County Road 14.  In early 2010, Hegarty & Gerken, Inc. completed appraisal reports for Routt County on over 35 large-lot residential and agricultural properties for the project.


  • Prairie Waters Project – Once completed in 2011 the City of Aurora’s Prairie Waters Project will increase the City’s water supply by 20%; delivering up to 10,000 acre-feet of water per year.  In 2006 Hegarty & Gerken, Inc. prepared a Basic Real Property Value Data Report for Aurora Water to assist the City in the acquisition of numerous properties for construction of the water delivery system.  During 2007, 2008 and 2009 Hegarty & Gerken, Inc. completed appraisal reports for Aurora Water on 27 individual properties that did not qualify for “value findings.”  These properties included improved residential properties, agricultural properties, commercial development land, and operating gravel mines.


  • U.S. Highway 34 (Business) Improvement Project – In 2006 the State of Colorado Department of Transportation (“CDOT”) began a project to widen U.S. Highway 34 (Business) in Greeley, Colorado.  During 2006 and 2007 Hegarty & Gerken completed appraisals for CDOT on 31 parcels of commercial, residential, and agricultural land for this project.  In addition, Charles J. Hegarty & Gregory T. Gerken testified as expert witnesses, (at depositions and/or immediate possession hearings), on behalf of CDOT.


  • Transportation Expansion Project (T-REX) – T-REX is a $1.67 billion multi-modal transportation expansion project for Denver’s I-25 and I-225 highway corridors.  The T-REX project officially began in May, 2001 when Southeast Corridor Constructors (SECC) was selected as the builder.  Charles J. Hegarty & Gregory T. Gerken completed numerous appraisal assignments for RDT/CDOT in connection with the TREX project.  In addition, both appraisers testified as expert witnesses, (at depositions and/or hearings), on behalf of RTD/CDOT for the T-REX project.


  • Sheridan Redevelopment Agency – During 2006 and 2007 Hegarty & Gerken, Inc. prepared appraisal reports on fifteen commercial/light industrial properties that are located at the southwest quadrant of Santa Fe Drive and U.S. Highway 285 for the Sheridan Redevelopment Authority.  The Sheridan Redevelopment Agency has selected Weingarten Miller Sheridan, LLC, an affiliate of Miller Weingarten Realty to redevelop the sites with a new retail power center.